Chevrolet Dominates early NASCAR® races

Chevrolet made quite an impression at the first NASCAR® races of the season. The brand only had to wait for the third race this year to see its drivers completely dominate the track.

Alex Bowman brought the first win, leading 110 laps of the total 200 laps in the Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway in March. Bowman was one of four different Chevy drivers in the top 10 of that race. He was followed by Kurt Busch in third place, Chase Elliott in fourth, and Jimmie Johnson in seventh.

The drivers had lots of praise to say about their Chevy vehicles, applauding things like the Camaro’s body, handling, and long run speed.

These talented drivers were invaluable to the team’s success at the Auto Club 400, but equally important were their partners: the high-performance, precision-engineered Chevrolet vehicles they drove. The good news for those of us who don’t have the pleasure of driving in NASCAR® is that these same standards are displayed in the 2020 lineup of Chevrolet vehicles.

Whether you choose to drive the sporty Camaro as your regular ride or opt for a more family-friendly vehicle like the Blazer crossover, you’ll see that there’s power, agility, and smooth handling across Chevy’s lineup.

While we hope you won’t start racing your new Chevy at NASCAR® speeds, we do believe that you’ll find your next favorite vehicle — whether it’s a truck or a family SUV — right here at ELCO Chevrolet Cadillac.

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