The National Corvette Museum releases educational videos to watch at home

National Corvette Museum | ELCO Chevrolet | Ballwin, MO

Working to engage the public online, the National Corvette Museum recently released a series of educational videos called the Vetteacademy. This free-to-watch museum miniseries is available on YouTube and Facebook, offering information about how to change tires, the history of the Corvette, and the differences between Corvette generations.

These videos are designed to be fun and engaging, and they’re for a broad audience that may have no in-depth knowledge of cars. The videos are well-suited for kids, as they offer educational information in easy-to-understand language, focusing mainly on how cars work and what makes the Corvette so special.

“As a nonprofit foundation, our mission is to educate the public. We developed these videos to not only provide educational content, but also be entertaining and engaging,” said Dr. Sean Preston, President and CEO of the Corvette Museum.

You can also access the “Fully Vetted” series, which is perfect if you’re trying to fight boredom. It has stories by Bob Bubnis, the museum historical media coordinator, and Derek E. Moore, the director of collections and curator. You can learn in-depth info about the brand, getting a behind-the-scenes view of one of America’s favorite cars. Check out these videos today to learn more about everything from the classic Stingray to the latest model year.

As big fans of all things Corvette, you can rest assured that all of us at ELCO Chevrolet are enjoying everything the National Corvette Museum is producing. To talk about how to get behind the wheel of your dream car — or just to geek out over the first mid-engine Corvette — don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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