Best Christmas Lights in St. Louis

Christmas Lights in St. Louis
You can find some of the best Christmas lights in St. Louis. It’s easy!

Driving through the city in your Chevrolet on a search for the best Christmas lights in St. Louis is quite the task. There’s a lot to see, but, fortunately, the lights are here to stay for the next month. Check out some of these must-see Christmas lights recommended by your friends at ELCO Chevrolet.

Way of Lights
The Way of Lights is one of the most popular Christmas light displays in the area. More than one million lights tell the story of the birth of Jesus. Cruise through the scene in your new Chevrolet or take a carriage ride. There’s also an indoor Christmas tree display. Admission is free, so pack the family into your Equinox and head down to Belleville.

Santa’s Magical Kingdom
Located in Jellystone Park in Eureka, Santa’s Magical Kingdom stretches across 35 acres of land. Millions of beautiful lights create dozens of holiday scenes. From Santa’s flying reindeer to the Waterfall of Lights, the spectacular Christmas lights display is one to remember. You can even take a wagon ride through Santa’s Magical Kingdom.

Festival of Lights
The Macy’s Holiday Festival of Lights kicks off the holiday season in downtown St. Louis. It all starts at Union Station with the light display and Christmas tree lighting. The evening closes with a fireworks display and a visit from Santa himself!

If you’re in need of a new Chevrolet or a quick service for Winter to explore the holiday lights, feel free to stop by ELCO Chevrolet today.

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