Tips for Driving Your Chevy Safely in the Rain This Spring

While springtime brings with it the promise of warmer weather and bright colors, it also brings plenty of rain. Slick roads can be downright dangerous for drivers, and knowing how to stay safe is imperative if you’re planning to explore Ballwin and beyond with your Chevy during the rainy season. Here are a few tips for driving your Chevy safely in the rain this spring.

Driving In The Rain | ELCO Chevrolet | Ballwin, MO

Check your windshield wipers

The harsh winter months can damage the rubber on windshield wipers, making them unable to sweep away water during a rainstorm. Thankfully, swapping out your old blades for new ones is a simple and inexpensive process that can be done right here at ELCO Chevrolet Cadillac.

Check your lights

Double check to make sure that all of your vehicle’s lights are working perfectly. Make sure your headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and interior lights are all in working order so that you can both see and be seen on the road.

Check your tires

The changing seasons can greatly affect your tire pressure. If your tires are underinflated or overinflated, their ability to maintain traction on slippery roads will be reduced. Make sure your tires are always inflated to your manufacturer’s recommended limits.

Drive cautiously

Always be sure to drive at safe speeds while it’s raining, and maintain a solid distance away from the car in front of you. Avoid using cruise control and keep your attention completely on the road. If you start to skid, make sure you turn your vehicle in the same direction as you’re skidding. Stay calm, and don’t spin the wheel quickly or slam on the brakes.

If your Chevy is in need of a seasonal tune-up, prepare it for your upcoming warm-weather trips by scheduling an appointment at ELCO Chevrolet Cadillac in Ballwin, Missouri, today.

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