National Corvette Museum Set for Substantial Expansion

chevy corvette

For American sports car fans, few places are as special as the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Whether you’ve been there before or hope to in the future, you now have plenty more to be excited about, as the museum has announced plans for a major expansion.

As one of the world’s most popular automotive museums, the National Corvette Museum welcomes more than 225,000 sports car enthusiasts through their doors each year. As the museum has seen increasing attendance in recent years, it plans to substantially expand its office and exhibition areas, with construction to start in 2021.

The museum will also expand the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park Complex, located just across the street from the museum. This expansion will increase the NCM Motorsports Park Complex by an additional 205 acres, bringing its total size to an impressive 425 acres.

For Corvette fans, this all translates into a bigger playground where they can check out some of the most incredible and rare Corvettes on the planet.

Currently, the National Corvette Museum is planning a new exhibit called “Chevrolet Racing: Louis to Le Mans,” which will feature rare cars driven by Louis Chevrolet along with a huge selection of Corvettes that have won races at Le Mans.

If all you want is a smaller display of modern Corvettes, however, just head over to ELCO Chevrolet!

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