How to Safely Transport a Paddleboard With Your Chevy

Chevy Colorado | Ballwin, MO

A favorite summertime activity for many Missouri families is paddleboarding. There are plenty of beautiful lakes and rivers in the state where you can enjoy this relaxing activity. Unfortunately, before you can head out onto the water, you have to transport your expensive paddleboard on the roof of your car. We are going to share some valuable tips that will help you safely transport a paddleboard with your Chevy.

With a roof rack

Nearly all Chevrolet SUVs are available with a roof rack. However, you may also need the crossbars to properly use the roof rack. With the crossbars in place, you can secure your paddleboard to those bars.

  1. First, lay down some padding to protect your board from the crossbars. Many people use pool noodles as crossbar padding. Simply slice them open and wrap them around the bars.
  2. Lay the board on top of the padding. Depending on the length of your board and vehicle, the board may have to hang over part of your windshield and past the bumper.
  3. Use tie-down straps to secure your board to the crossbars.

Without a roof rack

If you do not have a roof rack, consider getting a soft rack system. This comes with a protective pad and straps that are designed to run through the interior of your vehicle. Follow the directions that come with the system properly attach your board to the roof.

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